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About Cowork~etc

Cowork~etc. is a digital portal for all your business services needs.

We started on this path to help Start-ups and Small-Medium Enterprises (“SMEs “) to navigate through the complexities of what company structure to adopt, how to market their solutions, how to appease investors, how much to pay the tax man and a multitude of other challenges experienced by an entrepreneur.

We provide transactional services like accounting, payroll, audit, tax and also strategic advice on company valuation & legal matters. We are big on digital – our company valuation service uses a digital tool and very affordable.

If you are ready to scale, you will find it useful to reach out to us to put some foundational ground work in place – this means tightening your processes and governance, making your operations more efficient and having a sound strategy and roadmap to grow and have a sustainable business.

Our team has more than 20 years’ experience with MNC consulting firms and had worked with MNCs in C-suite capacity. Our partners are credible service providers with a proven track record. We stand ready to serve.


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Service Catalogue

Be the first to book a service with Cowork~Etc. You can sign-up for the following services on our platform. Watch this space as we expand to include more services in the coming months. Do register as a member. To get a quote, please click here

Get a company valuation report with international peers' benchmarking and ESG valuation for RM2,000!
Free company incorporation if you sign up for company secretarial support for 2 years
RM1 a day for a virtual office (Basic 365 plan) - includes mail & parcel handling