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About Cowork~etc

Cowork~etc. is an online portal for all your business services and coworking space needs.

Our primary focus is to help startups/SMEs to navigate through the complexities of what company structure to adopt, how to market their solutions, how to appease investors, how much to pay the tax man and a multitude of other challenges experienced by an entrepreneur. We have partnered with credible service providers who had helped us on our journey to support the startup/SME community. Whilst we believe in digitisation, we are also big on customer experience. Rest assured as users, that you will be personally engaged by our service providers/consultants.

Startups and SMEs : Do join as a member to get your questions answered. We will try to provide you with free advice as much as possible, you do not need to book a space or service from us. Watch this space for updates of new services.....

As we launch, we are inviting co-working spaces to list with us - it is all free!

Interested service providers may connect with us through ""


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Service Catalogue

Be the first to book a service with Cowork~Etc. You can sign-up for the following services on our platform. Watch this space as we expand to include more services in the coming months. Do register as a member. To get a quote, please click here

Colabs Outlets - Free rental of 28 days during Movement Control Order ("MCO") for existing tenants. Tenancy will be extended for a month to support Startups & SMEs during this challenging time.
Free company incorporation if you sign up for company secretarial support for 2 years
Monthly accounting services starting as low as RM200 per month