Q: Can I register as a user and a service provider?

A: Yes, you may register as service provider from your user panel/profile.

Q: I have registered as a space owner/service provider. How long do I have to wait before I can start listing?

A: Cowork-etc. will take approximately 1 week to review completeness of your registration and will send confirmation within 7 days.

Q: There are a lot of criterias and options for space owner’s registration. Can we pick and choose what we want to list?

A: Yes, the various options given to you for completion is for marketing of your workspace and for promotional purposes. You are free to dictate which fields you want to complete.

Q: What does it cost to list a space or a service?

A: Currently, listing is FOC, there is no charge. An admin fee is charged upon successful booking and will be stipulated in the contract with Cowork-etc.


Q: Why does Cowork-etc. need my location?

A: This is to enable detection of nearest co-workspace located in your vicinity. You are advised to check box “remember for one day” – this is to enable Cowork-etc. to detect your location for one day , regardless of your movements during the day.


Q: Is my booking instant – can I assume once I made payment, I have a spot in a co-workspace or I will get the specified service?

A: Booking for a space or a service depends on availability. Please wait for confirmation message. We will strive to confirm within the same day.

Q: I have not decided on my booking but would like to shortlists the ones I am interested in?

A: You may store your selections in shopping cart. Shopping cart will be cleared after 30 days.